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Golden retriever being walked into clinic

Flea and Tick Preventative

A 3 month flea and tick preventative for Dogs and Cats.

A monthly chewable flea and tick product for dogs

Heartworm preventative

A monthly chewable Heartworm preventative.

A monthly chewable Heartworm preventative

A Topical monthly flea and tick product for available for Dogs and Cats

A topical monthly flea and tick preventative for cats that also treats Heartworm

A monthly chewable for both Heartworm disease and flea and tick prevention.

Additional Heartworm and flea & tick preventative can be found in our online pharmacy Vetsource. Click the link below to be directed there.


Click the picture above to receive a link for PetDesk. PetDesk is an App that allows you to request appointments, receive reminders, and keep your pets information in one convenient location.


Our Online pharmacy. Easy convenient, ships to you.

We accept CareCredit. Click the link above  to apply.

 Click the link above to have your Standard Process supplements shipped directly to you.

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