Grey and white cat laying in a cat bed

Sven's Corner

Hi! My name is Sven and I'm the clinic cat at Geneva Lakes Animal Hospital. I came here in 2016 when I was hit by a car. The hospital fixed me up and I decided to stay. I hang out here and am the unofficial Human Resources Department. You'll often find me in my outdoor enclosure, it's my favorite space. 

Sven's Naughty Moment of the Month

According to the humans I'm not always a good boy.

I'm still being good. In all honesty, I'm lulling the humans into a false sense of security before I do something really naughty.

Advice From Penny

My name is Penny. You may have seen me mentioned a time or two, especially because Sven likes to torment me so I'm frequently a part of his naughty moments. I came to Geneva Lakes Animal Hospital a little over a year ago and I'm still looking for my forever home. The staff here thought it would be a good idea if I gave some monthly advice. I'm not so sure but I'm going to try, I have a lot of opinions.

July 15th is national pet fire safety day. Do you have a fire plan for you pet?  The ASPCA website has more information on pet fire safety.

July 31st is national mutt day. Give those mutts of yours some extra love today, or whatever you do with dogs. I'm a little disappointed that there is nothing specifically for cats this month.

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